The shampoo is the first and basic step in hair care. It affects the condition of the hair and scalp, so their health and the overall appearance of the hairstyle directly depend on it. In this article, we'll reveal you some secrets on how to find the perfect shampoo that will suit your individual needs. Keep on reading!

For oily hair: The biggest issue for those with oily hair is having to wash their hair frequently. There is a way out - choose products that regulate the work of the sebaceous glands.  Look for a product labeled “for oily hair” or with the following ingredients: tea tree, rosemary extract, salicylic acid.

For dry hair: Choose a very mild shampoo that is low in surfactants or even sulfate-free. After washing your hair, be sure to use moisturizing balms, special masks, and serums, or other products for silky hair.

For normal hair: Normal hair is luxurious, shiny, voluminous, and does not require frequent washing. It’s literally every girl's dream! Any shampoo is suitable for such hair type. The main thing is that it shouldn’t contain silicones and aggressive surfactants.

It doesn’t matter what hair type you have: Amazonliss Anti Frizz shampoo and conditioner provide the amazing anti-frizz effect while caring for your locks. Exclusive formula with Amazon Natural Ingredients: Acai+Cocoa, works in the restoration and strengthening of the hair leaving it strong and healthy, providing anti-frizz action, and extending the smooth effect of the treatment. 

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