On average, the hair grows by 1-2 centimeters a month. How to speed up this process two or even three times? Is it even possible? Yes! Check out this article and find out all the secrets!

 1. Diet. The main building element and growth accelerator for hair cells is protein. Add eggs, fish, dairy and meat products to your daily diet. Eat more foods containing omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Their most affordable source is oil: olive and linseed. Add it as dressing into green salads or drink a spoonful of oil a day.

 2. Hair care products. Don’t buy shampoo following only the recommendations of your friend. Always be guided by the type of your scalp skin. Good work of the sebaceous glands won’t inhibit the development of hair follicles. In order not to make your hair heavier, choose shampoos without silicone and parabens in the composition.

 3. Try Nutree Length Extender Hair Mask! This is the everyday hair treatment that will help your hair grow 4 inches longer in just 3 months! Apart from the moisturizing properties, it’s the original growth-boosting intensive treatment that will help you grow your hair. Length Extender Mask also includes proteins that are beneficial for your hair's strength and health. Besides, this amazing product provides soothing effect on your scalp, promoting active hair growth. 

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