Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth recommendations are the things that each salon strives to achieve. However, there are cases when not all clients are satisfied. Perhaps you want such clients to disappear and leave you alone but you have to deal with them like a professional in order to avoid any conflict situations. Check out this guide, we’re sure that you’ll need it!
There are cases when the stylist's schedule runs slightly behind as it’s impossible to calculate the required amount of time for a particular procedure down to the minute. Each person has peculiarities which have to be considered. As a result, the newly arrived client has to wait. Always make sure that you warned the client about the delay and apologized.
The other cases are when a client doesn’t likes his cut or hair color. Don’t worry and be patient if you know that you’ve done your best. Always have a consultation with a client right before the procedure. Find out what he wants. Thus, you can kindly remind him that you did everything he asked for during the consultation.
Ask your client what exactly he doesn’t like. Maybe it’s just the way you styled his hair, and a slight change will fully improve the situation! Constructive criticism will only improve your works and help you to understand your clients even better

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