Nutree Cosmetics - Dec 13 2022

The less you wash your hair - the more it grows?

We know that many ladies desperately want to grow long hair, thus, they tend to believe different myths. One of them is the following: the less you wash your hair - the more it grows. Why isn’t it so and what will happen if you don’t wash your hair timely? Find out all the answers in this article!

If you don’t want to harm your health, then you should to wash your hair regularly, choosing the right care depending on your hair type (according to the activity of the sebaceous glands).

If you have oily hair, choosing the right haircare routine is especially important. Paradoxical as it sounds, washing your hair too often can cause the sebaceous glands to work even harder to make up for the lack of sebum. Of course, avoiding washing your hair will do you no good as well: excess sebum clogs pores and even leads to dandruff and hair loss.

Nutree Amazonliss Vegan Care

Of course, you should get yourself a high-quality home care. Pay attention to Vegan Home Care (shampoo + conditioner). These products provide gentle scalp cleansing and restore locks without damage to nature. Besides, they are suitable for all hair types!