Every third owner of a beautiful business faces theft in beauty salons. Expensive materials for professional hair care such as keratin hair treatment products, botox hair treatment products, keratin shampoo, and conditioner, become the objects of theft. In order to eliminate theft in a beauty salon, you can use cameras and keep track of the expense of funds. However, some employees can be even more cunning and steal something more important than products – an idea, time, or a potential client.
Who steals in a beauty salon?
The object of clients’ theft is open access objects: cosmetics, hair care devices, personal belongings of stylists. Such theft is facilitated by the absence of the receptionist at his/her workplace. In this case, careful observation is the main preventive means. For these purposes, many entrepreneurs install video cameras in beauty salons. After reviewing the recording, it is easy to understand who committed the theft.
It’s sad to admit but employees of the beauty salon have much more opportunities for committing theft. They can simply take expensive products like blonde hair botox that the owner will have to pay for. However, this is just the tip of the employee theft iceberg. Among other methods of illegal profit making in this case is luring clients away in order to provide treatments at home.
One of the surest methods to reduce theft in a beauty salon is to keep track of the expense of funds. In order to fully eliminate prevent theft, it’s necessary to create a system that provides an opportunity to check how the declared consumption corresponds to the real one.

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