We have to confess that the Christmas and New Year time is over and clients start to return to beauty salons. You may suddenly realize that you found yourself in a situation when your salon is super busy, your stylists are exhausted and you are absolutely confused. In this article, we will give you several useful tips on how to perfectly cope with such a situation, keep on reading!
1. Prepare your schedule. Make sure that your electrical devices and appliances are ready for a large stream of customers. Organize staff rotas and all the appointments. If you have an opportunity, let your clients book online, that’s faster and more convenient both for them and you.
2. Communicate with your team. It’s very easy to lose connection with your stylists when they are swept off their feet. Make sure that you give your staff a clear plan for the day. If you want any of your workers to take on some additional duties, clarify them and explain everything properly.
3. Do a stock take. You can find yourself in a situation when you suddenly ran out of the needed supplies. In order to avoid such a nasty situation, do a stock take before your busy days. Keep track of the essential things and immediately order more if you see that you will run out of something soon.

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