Nowadays all business spheres are very competitive. It also refers to beauty salons. Ladies are free to choose from plenty of beauty salons providing different services at different prices and levels. All beauty salons are competitors who strive to attract more clients than others. How can your salon stand out in such a high level of competitiveness? Keep on reading and find it out!
1. Improve your client service level. Always try to be a pioneer of new services and products that will help you to make clients’ experience even better than it was before. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create some new services and sets of services that your competitors don’t have! You can provide the newest botox hair treatment, keratin hair treatment, or Brazilian blowout treatment, and make these procedures your signature treatments!
2. Social media is very important. Of course, nowadays all beauty salons have Facebook and Instagram profiles but just a few of them have really popular, beautifully designed pages that catch the eye not of just existing clients but potential ones as well. Can you see what are we’re driving at?
3. Appeal to millennials. These clients are always trendsetters. If they like your salon and the services provided, they will give you a free shoutout on social media. Besides, they are more likely to experiment with something new than more conservative and older guests of your salon! Offer such clients a hair smoothing and straightening treatment or home care treatment for dry hair.

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