UNIQUE is the perfect keratin solution created for you! It has the brand new innovative formula with the advanced nanotechnology for the most perfect hair ever!

Revive your hair with the Amazonliss Protein Smoothing Treatment! The special thermo-hydrolyzed proteins are exclusively created for the hair revival. They deeply penetrate into your hair and deeply moisture it. As a result, you get absolutely sleek and shiny hair for long. 

One step formula is a fast and smart solution that washes off the heavy residue caused by shampoos and 100% straightens your hair since the first time you use it.

Besides, we have 2 aftercare set products. Working in duet, they will make your hair even more beautiful and sleek. 

Anti Frizz Shampoo. Feel the reviving power of the Amazon Natural Ingredients: Acai and Cocoa straighten your hair, making it shiny and eliminating the frizz.

Anti Frizz Conditioner. Deeply moisturizes your hair, prolonging the beautiful Keratin effect. If you need more moisture for your hair, that is the perfect product for you!

Get these two products, combined in a set and enjoy your shiny, healthy and straight hair for a long time!

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