Nutree Cosmetics - Feb 20, 2023

Unique Step: on which hair type does it work the best?

We know that ladies quite often think that one-step keratin treatment isn’t as effective as multi-stage kera therapy, however, is it really so? In this article, we’ll dispel ALL the myths on the example of Nutree Unique Step treatment!

On which hair types does Unique Step work best? 

Unique Step Brazilian keratin treatment perfectly works on EACH hair type, including coarse hair! Yes, we’ve made a keratin revolution and offer you a fast and super convenient way to solve all of your hair problems as once! It doesn’t matter if you have totally unruly curly locks - just let Unique Step do its job and see the real transformation of your natural hair!

Nutree Amazonliss Unique Step

Choose Amazonliss Unique Step as your ultimate haircare routine! This hair smoothing and straightening treatment smoothes hair from the inside out! The composition was developed using advanced nanotechnology that is enriched with microparticles of thermo-hydrolyzed protein, which penetrate the structure of the hair and contribute to the instant restoration and straightening of hair in just one application.