You probably know that we always strive to make our products and formulas better. This time we managed to outdo even ourselves and developed an exclusive vegan formula that IS suitable for pregnant ladies! Are you shocked and excited at the same time? We feel the same, so don’t waste your time and check out this article!


We have always wanted to give our beautiful expecting clients an opportunity to keep their hair healthy and shine. Now our desire has become a reality. Meet our Amazonliss Vegan Care product line! 


That’s a perfect cruelty-free vegan keratin treatment which helps to smooth, restore and give shine to your hair without harm to the environment! Nutree Vegan Care will be perfect for dry hair and scalp that needs gentle cleansing. This treatment was made with the unique Go Green technology through advanced extraction technique


Among the key ingredients of the product are Coconut, Avocado, and Vitamin F. Each ingredient has its unique qualities:

coconut moisturizes your hair, 

Vitamin F improves the formation of hair follicles and provides their healthy and rapid growth. Avocado will protect your hair from dehydration.


What’s more, Vegan Care line is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalate, which means that now you can get the safest keratin treatment ever (even for your baby)!

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