Being vegan is definitely more than a popular trend. It’s a way of life, a conscious choice of cruelty - free living in harmony with nature, its flora and fauna. Vegan way of life excludes exploitation of animals for any possible purposes, like food, clothes, cosmetics, and seeks for better alternatives that will suit both human needs and the environment.


In today’s world more and more people become aware of nature and its problems. Nutree appreciates those who choose cruelty - free way of life, so it’s glad to introduce you a brand new vegan product line, which is called Amazonliss Vegan Care. This product line includes Purifying Shampoo, Reducer Fluid and Reconstructive Mask. Except for the standard big bottle, you can also purchase a small travel version of a Purifying Shampoo (60 ml).


Buying these products you can be sure that none of them was tested on animals. These product line doesn’t contain any formaldehyde or substances of animal origin. All products were created using GO GREEN technology, which means that all of them respectively treat both nature and the human.


Among the key ingredients of this product line are:


 - Coconut oil

 - Olive oil

 - Phospholipids

 - Glycolipids

 - Phytosterols

 - Vitamin F


The combination of such powerful ingredients provides deep hydration and restoration of hair. All of them help to prevent hair breakage and have an anti-frizz action.


The Purifying Shampoo balances the hydration levels of scalp and hair. The Reducer Fluid helps you to achieve shiny, soft, smooth and obedient hair. The final step, which is a Reconstructive Mask, is created for prolonging the smooth effect. It makes the hair absolutely nourished and soft.


Working together, each set component protects your hair from negative factors, among which there are solar radiation, chemical treatments, such as hair dyeing, perm, etc. Natural oils contribute to the restoration of hair cuticles, repairing fissures in them, which occur due to the external damages.


The main peculiarity of the Amazonliss Vegan Care set is that it is specially created for home use, so you can easily carry out all the procedures at home, being your own hair care expert! Isn’t it the best option ever?


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