Of course, we know that in 2022 self-love and respect is a massive trend, however, what about a healthy approach to beauty? We believe that Vegan Keratin is the ultimate trend of this year when it comes to hair care, and we can explain why in this article!
We decided to take Amazonliss Tanino as the example of vegan keratin from Nutree. First of all, Tanino is a 100% formaldehyde-free botox, which means you won’t have any allergic reaction or irritation while using this safe product. Beauty doesn’t need any sacrifices now, in 2022!
Secondly, we are here to minimize the use of any heat devices that damage your hair. You won’t even need flat iron in order to make your hair smooth with Tanino! You’ll only need a blow dryer and a brush to perform the treatment!
Last but not least, Tanino is a perfect mixture of keratin and 24 amino acids. Together these ingredients make up smoothing and straightening taninoplasty. It treats all types of hair with maximum care. The amazing effect lasts up to 3 months.
Are you inspired? Try Tanino yourself and see how amazing this product works. Promise: you won’t be disappointed!

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