Most beauty salon owners are focused on attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. However, it’s rarely too late to return the customers that used to visit your salon but somehow stopped doing it, since they are much more loyal to new ones who know nothing about your salon yet.
Step 1. Make up a list of clients
To begin with, you should make a list of clients who haven’t visited your salon for more than 3 months.
Step 2. Prepare of a special offer
In order to make clients return to your salon, you should offer them something very attractive and tempting. They should have a reason to come to you again. Therefore, a great offer is a must if you really want your clients to return!
For example, you can prepare the following offers:
- haircare procedure (for example, hair smoothing treatment) as a gift if a client gets a combo consisting of a haircut and hair dyeing;
- gift certificate for any service. It’s easy to calculate the value of a gift certificate. Take the average check in the salon, analyze how much net profit you get from it. The value of the certificate should be equal to the net profit.
Don’t forget to make the offer temporary: it should be valid for 3 weeks only.
Step 3. Send an offer
After you have prepared a list of clients, come up with a nice offer, send your client an SMS with an offer.
In 10 days you can call those who didn’t respond to your message and didn’t call the salon to receive their gifts.

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