Hair botox seems to be one of the most beneficial hair treatments for your hair, however, what is it made of? Have you ever wondered what are the key ingredients of hair botox? Find out all the answers in this article!
Of course, we can’t tell you the compositions of all hair botox products on the market, as there are many unfair producers the products of which can be dangerous. Thus, today we’ll tell you about the composition of Nutree botox products!
Nutree Bottox Expert is the unique hair botox procedure that is aimed at overall hair restoration and hydration with the anti-frizz effect. The formula is represented by a blend of precious natural ingredients. Among the key components are Marine Collagen, Glutamic Acid and Almond Oil. We want to remind you that our products don’t contain poisonous ingredients such as formaldehyde!
Apart from our Bottox Expert, there’s a special Blonde Bottox Expert that allows you to eliminate the nasty yellow color. This product contains absolutely safe purple pigments that help your hair to stay platinum longer!

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