We bet that you’re looking for some inspiration on Instagram when you feel that you’re in lack of new ideas. By the way, this super popular platform attracts 1 billion monthly active users, did you know that? What’s the most popular Instagram hashtag for the best inspirational hair pictures? Check out this article and find it out!
Among the most tagged hair colors are:
Wow, blondes seem to be the most tagged girls on Instagram and that’s no wonder! Everybody knows that being a blonde is extremely hard and finding a hairstylist that can turn you into a magnificent blonde is very hard as well. However, brunettes are also popular among Instagram users. Redheads, of course, your hair color is pretty rare yet gorgeous that’s why you are a true gem of Instagram!
Among the most tagged hair trends are:
Woohoo, balayage seems to be the most popular hair trend out of all. Just remember how many articles we wrote about it! However, don’t forget about the highlights which are rapidly gaining popularity on Instagram! And of course ombré: this hair dyeing style remains trendy for more than 6 years!

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