In times of crisis, the question of how to attract new customers and the possibilities of transferring them to the category of permanent ones is especially acute. Before a client appreciates the quality of service, the level, and professionalism of the stylist, he needs to come to the salon, and he should have a desire to receive the service and stay. The most accessible and working way is the formation of a positive image of the salon and staff and in particular by the receptionist as the face of the salon.
The receptionist is the first person a client sees, and the visitor's evaluation of the salon depends on his appearance, manners, and method of communication. The impression received is the main thing when deciding whether to stay in the salon or not.
Reluctance to work
Let's start with the most important, do you enjoy working in your salon? Yes or no? Many salon owners are often faced with a simple reluctance to work. The receptionist is a position that is often considered to be a position from which you can start your business or move in almost any direction.
Lack of attention to the client
Quite often, the receptionist of a beauty salon does not pay attention to visitors, especially demanding ones. He has to learn how to love the customers a little more and tell them the truth.
It is a big mistake not to call a client by name. The receptionist should memorize the names of the clients. If a client called to make an appointment for a procedure (for example a keratin hair treatment or a botox beauty treatment), be sure to enter their number in your notebook.

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