As all of us know, almost all barbershops, hair salons, and beauty salons have been closed for quite a long time due to the COVID-19. Nowadays many countries report about the second wave of this disease which seems to be even more aggressive and serious than the first one. Thus, we suggest you have a look at our tips on how can you help your clients even working from home.



 1. Start Your Online Courses or Training Videos

The online community is widely engaged in the beauty business, which is great! You can share your knowledge and experience with your clients at quite an affordable price. In most cases, you will only need your camera phone and good lightning.

 2. Grow Your Social Media Influence

Don’t waste your time - become more popular and influencing on Instagram. We have already written a lot of articles on this topic, you can check them out for more information. The thing is to be active and use bloggers’ power to promote your salon!

 3. Practice Your Skills

We don’t have any doubts that you are a great hairstylist but what about learning something new? You have plenty of time at home. Watch some tutorials from other hairstylists or buy a whole online course. Perhaps, you will find something that will absolutely entertain you!

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