When to wash hair after keratin treatment

You have just left the hair salon after the keratin hair treatment and, of course, you want to prolong the amazing result! Many ladies ask the following question: when should I wash my hair after the keratin hair treatment? Don’t worry - find all answers in this article!
It’s not recommended to wash your hair within 3 days from the day of the keratin hair straightening. Besides, it’s not recommended to stay in rooms with high humidity, for example, in a closed bathroom with the shower turned on, in a sauna, steam room, or swimming pool. Your hair shouldn’t be exposed to water at all, you need to keep it absolutely dry.

Why shouldn’t you wash your hair for 3 days after keratin straightening?

The keratin applied to the hair should harden enough to fix the desired hair structure. With keratin straightening, you receive perfectly smooth hair, however, you should wait for the first three days for keratin layers to become hard in order for it not to be washed off during hair wash.

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