Spring is a wonderful time of year when nature awakes from winter hibernation. However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies as many women notice that their hair condition becomes worse in spring. What are the reasons if it and what can you do in order to fix the situation? Keep on reading and find it out!
Among the most likely reasons for hair loss in spring are the following:
Iron deficiency. Typically, iron deficiency occurs due to an unbalanced diet, excessive blood loss (donation, heavy menstruation, trauma), or low activity levels.
Gastrointestinal tract issues. Violation of intestinal motility, irregular bowel movements, poor absorption can disrupt the natural release of toxins from the body.
Hormonal imbalance. In the body of every person, there are female and male sex hormones. If for some reason the level of male hormone testosterone increases, it will negatively affect the hair condition.
In order to understand what specific problems your hair has, you need to study its condition and observe its behavior.
1. If the ends split like crazy.
Dry and split ends primarily indicate a lack of fat, both in the hair and in the whole body. If, in addition to dry hair, the skin is peeling and the feet are cracked, this is a 100% indication of a lack of fat.
2. If hair gets greasy very fast.
If the roots quickly become greasy, the problem may be inappropriate shampooing. For example, after visiting a hair salon, where a professional have washed your hair and styled it, you can keep a salon styling for two or three days and your hair looks and feels fresh.
3. If hair falls out.
The main reason for this phenomenon is stress, and the consequences can occur, even if it was three months ago. The body can’t cope with excessive overloads, and spring is the time to pay the bills. If you have time to rest in winter, it is unlikely that hair problems will start to show in the spring.

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