It’s no secret that nowadays people produce so much plastic that it extremely polluted both soil and water of our planet. Did you know that there are tons of plastic in the oceans literally killing their creatures and destroying the natural ecosystems? However, there is good news: ocean plastic isn’t unstoppable! We can make a change together with Plastic Bank!

As a conscious producer, we do everything we can in order to reduce waste and keep our planet safe and clean. That’s why Nutree joined Plastic Bank which is a community of plastic collectors living within 50 kilometres of ocean-bound waterways involved in plastic collection and its exchange. 

We’re glad to announce that quite recently our Amazonliss product line received the Plastic Positive certificate as we helped to recover 168 kg of ocean-bound plastic! Amazonliss products, thanks to our recycling program, help saving the ocean from plastic pollution (8000 bottles!!!)

We encourage you to join Plastic Bank and become an Ocean Steward. Ocean Stewards have already stopped over 52 million kg of plastic. 2,624,258,500 plastic bottles didn’t make it into the sea, can you imagine how powerful your impact can be? Your plastic neutral contribution will reward the extraction of a minimum of 160 KG (8,000 bottles worth) of Ocean-bound plastic from the environment!

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