Professionals about the Violet Shampoo


Hairstylist Susan Monahan says that Violet Shampoo is the magical product. Some women are afraid of using it, as they think its electric violet color may spoil their bathtub, needless to say about their blonde hair. But in fact, there is nothing to worry about. It is able to neutralize brassy shades. Of course, it can’t replace an experienced colorist’s work, but the shampoo can help you have bright blond shade for a few months, stretching out the time between salon visits. According to celebrity colorist Ryan Pearl, this product is especially indispensable in cities, where the water contains many minerals that cause rusting. Such hard water can simply ruin your hair. Victoria Hunter admits that Violet Shampoo neutralizes yellowish shades and makes blond hair brighter.

Magicliss True Smooth Spray

The perfect choice for unruly, curly and dry hair. Instantly smooths the hair. Improves combing hair. Gives a beautiful shine. Made with proteins and tannins with conditioning action, Amazonliss Magicliss True Smooth Spray restores the hydrophobicity of damages hair, improves the combability, gives a long lasting smooth effect.