Blonde Secret Violet Shampoo and Mask Set for Blondes 8.45 fl.oz / 250 ml

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Brand: Amazonliss

Using a qualitative violet shampoo and mask will assist in keeping color fresh in practically any white-blonde hair. The Blonde Secret Violet shampoo and Mask will help to tone fadedness and brassy shades down. Therefore, the blond hair will be restored to glory. 

Violet shampoo and mask

Neutralizes brassy tones while refreshing your hair with cool tones

What are the benefits?

Neutralizes yellows and brassiness
Reactivates brightness 

What does the kit contain?

Violet Shampoo
Violet shampoo deposits magnificent violet pigments into your hair when applied during the washing process. This shampoo also negates brassiness and brightens silver tones into the hair. 
Violet Mask
Using a violet mask a few times every week makes it possible to maintain the silver color

What are the ingredients?

Wheat Protein
Helps keep the hair elastic by controlling the rate of moisture loss from the hair
Soy Protein
Great for hydration and giving your hair that beautiful glossy, shiny look

What are the results?