Do you want to double the amount of money you make from salon services? Perhaps you want to make $2,000 more in one touch for your salon.

Nutree Professional is aware of your options.

We have developed a close connection with our brand and working stylists throughout the years. We have created a special framework for interaction between the best texture stylists being trained and quarantiners!

What are your impressions of work with cosmetics of Nutree Professional?
"I like Nutree Professional hair products. Amazonliss hair straightening — this surprising transformation of the client, it is always interesting to observe the change in the hair, and pleasing to see the client leave salon very happy. By the way, I have regular customers who made straightening already 3-4 times. It is not a cheap procedure! However, the results are worth it and they keep coming back."

What are the most important areas to pay attention to with the keratin procedure?
"First of all — Follow the rules of the procedure, explained on a Step by Step flyer, Exactly! It is important to execute each stage correctly: preparatory sink, a division of hair, drawing the structure, drying, directly straightening, the temperature of the flat iron. It is important to understand the principles of impact on hair correctly and to be able to answer possible questions of clients.

Recently there was a situation, where my colleague asked me about her client whose hair tips started to curl, soon after carrying out of the keratin reconstruction procedure. If such case happened, that means that some of the steps in the process were not followed correctly. If you follow the book the Step by Step than — the result will be magnificent!