Summer is the season when we flaunt our hair especially proudly, as it shines under the sun and waves in a warm wind. We bet you are dying to know the top-10 hair color trends which will be relevant this summer! Let’s find them out!

The Best Hair Color Trends In 2020

  1. Dark purple hair. It looks so unusual yet so refreshing! Remember that you have to bleach your hair in order to get this hair color.
  1. Dark chestnut. Classics that will be always trendy. A super shiny option in combination with tanned skin is just a bomb!
  1. Crimson shades. What a royal hair color! If you have olive skin and green eyes, this hair color is exactly what you have to try!
  1. Caramel hues. It doesn’t matter if you are a blonde or a brunette: caramel highlights are a perfect way of refreshing your hair color without completely changing it!
  1. Double toned hair. Have you seen the latest Dua Lipa hair makeover? Such a combination of blonde and brunette shades was popular in 2000 but we know that fashion is cyclic, so now it’s a major trend!
  1. Ashy blonde. A perfect shade for blondes with blue eyes who want to refresh their look.
  1. Chocolate highlights. A perfect way for brunettes to make their hair color really trendy and more voluminous.
  1. Honey shades. The most natural option for summer 2020. Such shades will suit both beauties with light and tanned skin.
  1. Red. Do we ever have to say anything else? This is an option for the boldest of us!
  2. Bright blonde, as if you’ve just returned from your vacation where the sun was your personal hairstylist!

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