UV rays cause serious damage to our hair, as they dehydrate it, destroy the pigment, make hair dull and dry. We recommend you use products for hair protection not only at the beach. Hair needs protection all summer long because even a hat or a cap is not able to protect it from a whole spectrum of dangerous solar radiation. In this article, we will give you top-4 miracle-working products for the beach! Check them out!

1. Sunscreen spray with SPF. If you have thin hair, choose sprays or creams. Oils won’t suit you, as they are designed for rather thick Eastern hair that has to be literally “tamed”. Like body sunscreens, hair SPF protection should be applied half an hour before going to the beach, not when you are already lying under the hot sun.

2, 3. Use two types of shampoo - cleansing and moisturizing. You can’t do without a cleansing one, as it‘s vitally important for literally freeing the scalp from salt particles, sand, and sunscreen. However, you will also need a moisturizing shampoo because cleansing one will dry out the hair, which is already damaged under the sun. Do your hair wash this way: apply cleansing shampoo first, then apply moisturizing one.

4. Use the right styling products. Forget about regular hairsprays, use special après beach products – their formulas are adapted to humidity. Wash your hair, dry it a little bit, apply the product to half-wet hair and let it dry naturally – the trendy natural hairstyle is ready!

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