Summer is the hottest season of all but the most stressful for our hair as well. In this article, we will review top-6 summer hair problems and ways of their solution. Let’s go!

1. Tangled hair.

A regular problem for those women who have long hair. Strong wind usually tangles their hair and makes combing it pretty hard and even painful.

Try one of the trendy hairstyle options such as French braid, messy bun, high ponytail. Any of these hairdos will make you look gorgeous!

2. Oily hair.

High temperatures and super hot sun make our scalp producing more sebum in order to moisture itself and hair roots.

Wash your hair with two types of shampoos: cleansing and moisturizing. Try to avoid using styling products.

3. High humidity level.

If your hair puffs up in rainy or wet days it means that humidity does you no good at all.

Use special hair products that are adjusted for wet weather. Try some trendy summer hairdos for example a high ponytail braid like one Kylie Jenner often rocks this summer.

4. Dry, brittle hair

People often think that dry and brittle hair is exactly a type of hair that can’t be helped. However, this is actually one of the common summer hair problems that can be solved by you.

It is important to moisturize your hair. A high-quality conditioner is necessary for summer hair restoration. Some types of essential oils can make dry hair shiny and soft as well.

5. Split ends

Split ends usually occur when the outer protective layer of hair is damaged, which leads to its splitting. Sun and hot wind promote hair splitting.

A timely haircut, the use of a suitable conditioner, and hair oils will help to cope with the split ends.

6. Curly naughty hair

For people who like silky, straight, and shiny hair, curly hair can be the worst of all summer hair problems.

In order to solve this problem, try Amazonliss - an innovative keratin treatment by Nutree. The composition restores and strengthens hair, increasing its shine and elasticity. An additional protective layer eliminates static electricity and smoothes hair cuticles.

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