A lot of women find summer their most favorite season. However, not all of them know to how keep their hair absolutely healthy during this hottest season. In this article, you will find several useful tips which will definitely help you not to lose the beauty of your hair.

1. Wash your hair every two to four days. Remember: shampoo dries out the scalp’s natural oils, making your hair extremely dry. Use a hair powder or dry shampoo just to keep your hair fresh. Remember that greasy hair isn’t good as well, so wash it as it gets oily.

2. Install a shower filter.

One more important point for summer hair care. Our hair suffers from chlorine and minerals that wash off the hair protein. In combination with dry wind and hot sun, this becomes a major problem. A special shower filter will make your water much softer.

3. Don’t expose your scalp to the sun. Many women usually forget that the scalp is skin and it may sunburn just as your shoulders, chest, or nose.

4. When choosing a shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products, pay attention to the components that maintain a normal level of hair moisture. Silk proteins, different oils rich in vitamins, aloe vera, and other plant components are the ingredients that will help you to keep your hair smooth and shiny all summer long.

5. Stop using styling products, as in summer the hair is already pretty vulnerable to breakage and dryness.

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