Nowadays we have so many different hair care products that can literally promise to solve any hair problem, that sometimes picking the right product can be pretty difficult. What should you know in order to find a product that will suit exactly your hair? Let’s find it out in this article!
First of all, you have to go determine your hair structure.
What is the hair structure? The hair structure is the thickness or diameter of the hair. Usually, there are three types of hair structure: thick, normal, and thin hair. The thickness of the hair may be different according to the different zones of our scalp. Thick hair has the largest diameter of a single tiny hair. Normal hair thickness is the most common one. As a rule, such hair doesn’t have any problems with dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical procedures. Thin hair has the smallest diameter, which makes it very sensitive.
Next, you have to find out your hair type. Most often, hair type can be determined by a skin type.
If your hair is elastic, it has the same density, it’s shiny in the sun and doesn’t become greasy up to 3-5 days, it belongs to the normal type. If your hair is dull and brittle and it doesn’t become greasy for more than 5 days, it belongs to dry type. If your hair requires washing more than 1 time in 3 days and becomes greasy pretty fast, it belongs to oily type.
So, that’s it! Pay special attention to your hair structure and hair type while choosing hair care products!

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