What is the most preferable way to learn about your customers’ experience? Of course, it’s a customer survey. It has given guests of a beauty salon an opportunity to share their views about the company for many years. Usually, they ask customers questions after the procedure. But, today technology let us send a survey via e-mail. Both ways have their pros and cons, however, according to our research, giving the survey in person has the highest rate of completion.
Below you can see what questions you may ask your customers.
How long did it take our team to acknowledge you after you arrived?
Who provided you with the procedure?
Did your hairstylist start the procedure on time?
Do you get a detailed consultation before the procedure?
Do you feel your hairstylist got your requests?
Did your hairstylist advise you any products?
Did you buy any products?
Did your hairstylist say about any other procedures?
What can you say about the reception experience?
Would you like to come to our salon again?

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