Keratin treatments have recently gained popularity in beauty salons. But a lot of people, especially those who have unmanageable curly hair, want to have such a product at home. You may ask why. The answer is that keratin, being a protein, which is critical for our hair and skin, helps to recover processed hair and make it look stronger and healthier. Besides, after applying the product to your hair, you may notice that your hair has become smooth, straight, and shiny. It requires less time for styling.
Brazilian Bottox Expert Bottox Expert stimulates the increased smoothing of hair, providing softness and awesome gloss. The product is perfect for damaged, weak, dyed, or chemically treated hair. The effect may last for up to 8 weeks.
Blonde Bottox Expert is the treatment created specially for blonde hair.
It consists of Marine Collagen, Glutamic Acid and almond oil. Combined together, these ingredients provide your hair with long-lasting platinum effect and deep moistening. Your hair becomes soft, strong and manageable.


  • Jane said:

    All the FAQ are about Amazonliss but nothing about the Brazilan Botox (pink container) / deep conditioner. Can you please have an FAQ section about this product?

    I wanted the (purple container) Brazilian botox product for blondes but only the large size is sold on Amazon. Please sell both.


    February 08, 2019

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