Good hair care requires a comprehensive approach to it. It’s especially important for women who have dry brittle hair. They often use the only shampoo but shampoo only cleans hair from sebum and grease. What are the three essential products you definitely need for dry hair? Find it out in this article!

How To Avoid Dull Hair

Of course you know that dry and dull hair needs some restoring care. Making such hair look voluminous, shiny, and healthy isn’t that easy. A proper shampoo, a hair conditioner, and a hair mask are the basic products that clean, restore the condition of dry, brittle hair and make hair look voluminous.

First of all, you have to buy a nice shampoo for dry hair. The one that you buy in a supermarket barely does you any good. Ask your hairstylist to help you with the choice.

The Benefits Of Hair Conditioner

Now, clean hair is vulnerable to any external influences, such as weather, extreme temperature, moisture, etc. That’s why you need the hair conditioner. It protects the hair from damage, smoothes hair cuticles that open up during the wash, helps to keep hair moisturized, smooth and shiny. After using the conditioner, the hair becomes more manageable and easier to comb. Besides, the hair conditioner removes the annoying static electricity, which is very acute in the cold season.
Hair masks, as well as face masks, are used for hair and scalp care. The mask works at a deeper level, providing more intensive care: it nourishes, strengthens, and restores hair from the inside. Remember that the hair mask should be used before applying the conditioner!

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