Of course, you know that blondes literally can’t live without the purple shampoo because it’s their number 1 lifesaver in terms of hair color beauty. However, do you know that even if you have dark hair, you can use purple shampoo as well? Are you surprised? Keep on reading to learn more!
Purple shampoo eliminates brassiness, which is the unwanted warm shades. They can vary from yellow to dirty orange. As you dispense purple shampoo on your hair, it effectively eliminates brassiness. Thus, it can be used not just by blondes but by any woman who wants to make her hair color cooler.
You know that purple shampoos can be pretty aggressive and therefore dry your hair, but Nutree Blonde Secret is an exception. Its key ingredients are:
- Wheat Protein, which provides hair elasticity by controlling the rate of moisture loss from the hair
- Soy Protein, which is an essential ingredient for hydration and mirror shine
The same ingredients you can find in the composition of the Violet Mask. We recommend you to use it after Violet shampoo or just as an addition to your daily hair care routine in order to keep the beautiful silver color and protect your hair from nasty yellowish shades.

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