Everybody knows that blonde hair requires special care and attention.  Blondes want their hair to look healthy and shiny but usually standard hair care procedures and treatments aren’t suitable for them. What is the best hair care option? We recommend blondes trying Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert and we are ready to give you 3 reasons for choosing exactly this hair care product. Keep on reading!

  1. 1.The composition


Marine collagen. A marine source of amino acids the fibers of which help strengthen hair and restore it after damage.


Glutamic acid. One of the most effective amino acids for hair, providing smoothing and moisturizing effect


Almond oil. Softens and straightens hair, because almond has natural softening moisturizing and smoothing properties


  2 Deep hair restoration and color maintenance


Blonde Bottox Expert revives and smoothes damaged blonde hair. It removes the yellow shade of blonde hair and gives it a unique platinum shade. Besides, it promotes deep hydration and nutrition of the hair


 3 A long-lasting effect


The effect lasts up to 2 months. What’s more, Blonde Bottox Expert provides thermal hair protection and anti-humidity effect, which means that wet weather won’t make your hair curly anymore!


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