Amazonliss Unique Step Protein Smoothing Brush is a brand new innovative product. What are the peculiarities? What hair type is the most suitable for this procedure? Find it out in our article!


Protein Smoothing Brush will replace all of your hair care products, as it can make your hair smooth, silky, and lustrous without any additional help. Protein Smoothing Treatment works wonders from the inside out. Thermo-hydrolyzed proteins provide a long-lasting result. The main peculiarity of the product is the cumulative effect which means that the results of each new application will last longer than the previous one! Isn’t it a nice bonus?


 Benefits of Protein Smoothing Brush:


  - No formaldehyde or fumes

  - Only one hour for application!

  - Makes hair shiny and smooth

  - Ensures heat protection

  - The effect lasts up to 4 months

  - Suitable for all hair types!


 Among the ingredients are:




Its high content of protein, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids means that the açai is great for your hair, especially damaged one




Promotes hair growth, giving hair strength and elasticity


Shea butter


Helps to increase shine and reduce the hair frizz


Try out this brand new product just to see how amazing the result is!


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