Of course, each woman wants to share the result of the keratin treatment on social networks. The picture is the best way to show your brand new healthy and shiny hair. What are the secrets of a great selfie that will show how luxury your hair became? We have a few tips for you!


  - Choose a simple one-colored background that won’t steal attention from your hair. Black or white walls are the best options.


  - Use a little reflection in order to highlight your hair, if possible. This trick works especially well with blonde hair, as it reflects light well. Anyway, try to take a picture on a sunny day, this will provide additional hair shine.


  - Choose the correct light position, usually, it is a front light. It shows your hair in the best way, highlighting the natural hair texture. Don’t use backlighting much as it can accentuate any remaining frizz, which is not nice.


  - Use your arms in order to show how soft and obedient your hair is now.  Remember that the closer you hold your arms to the camera, the bigger they will seem on the picture.


 - Don’t forget about the smile! Since it’s the selfie, your face is very important. Show your emotions regarding your hair beauty, don’t be afraid to smile or look funny, as it will show your sincerity.


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