Split ends can be surely called a number 1 hair problem. Each of us, irrespective of hair color, type and length faced it. We know that timely cutting split ends is the best way of getting rid of them, however, we have 4 tips on how to fix split ends between cuts:


  - Comb your hair after applying the conditioner. It may seem strange but this will help you avoid pulling out your hair because of the knots after you towel - dry it. Use only wide - tooth hair comb!


  - Carefully choose your hair tools. Throw away all metal hairbrushes and combs that constantly damage your hair even if you don’t recognize it. What about the heating devices? Are they of good quality? Review the hair stuff that you use!


  - Use leave-in hair sprays and conditioners. Those which you wash off do nothing for saving your split ends.


  - Restoring hair procedures are a must!  They won’t just allow you cutting your hair rarely than usual but will contribute to hair restoration and nutrition. Amazonliss Keratin Treatment is the best option. This innovative product was created for deep restoration and long-lasting hair straightening. It is suitable for all hair types and contains only natural ingredients. Sound like worth trying, isn’t it?


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