Nowadays keratin straightening is one of the most popular hair care procedures, aimed at providing ultimate hair shine, obedience, and smoothness. African American women find this procedure to be especially lifesaving because their hair is truly the most rebellious and frizzy one. If you are an African American woman who understands what we are talking about, then this article is just for you! Keep on reading!


Nutree Amazonliss Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is one of the most innovative and effective keratin treatments in today’s market of hair care products. It’s the long-term hair straightening with the effect that lasts up to 6 months! This product contains 4 types of hydrolyzed keratin, which gives an excellent straightening result. There are also natural components and extracts in the composition. The main stage of the procedure smoothes and straightens hair, making it obedient, soft and shiny.


Many African American women wonder about how many procedures they will need. Amazonliss keratin provides a smoothing effect up to 6 months, but taking into account African American hair, you will need to do one procedure in 3-5 months. Much depends on the frequency of your hair washes per week: you will need a new keratin straightening procedure after approximately 25 uses of shampoo. However, remember that keratin is accumulated in your hair, so each next procedure will provide the longer result that the previous one!


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