Of course, we can’t but agree that monetary motivation is probably the best one when it comes to your masters’ encouragement. However, some people can easily be spoiled with monetary motivation, thus, they become only productive after you pay them some extra money. In this article, we’ll give you examples of the 5 best options of non-material motivation, keep on reading!


Recognition of the worker’s contribution to the salon development is a powerful tool to motivate a person to work and develop. It will also be a motivation for the rest of your workers, as they will also want recognition not just as high-quality keratin treatment masters but as valuable team members.


If the worker wants to learn something new in his professional sphere, you can help him. For example, for a high return rate and an increase in the average profit, you can pay for his training. He will have an incentive to work harder!

Introduction of bonuses

You can offer your workers compensation for the gym or pool in the form of 10% for each full year worked in the salon. This is a nice bonus that also makes people stay in your salon.

Bonuses for the length of services

Why not praise workers that have been loyal to you for ages? For example, for 5 years of work in your salon, you can give your worker a badge of honor. This is respect for human labor.


This is a way to maintain healthy competition in the team. You can make up a competition for the best employee of the month, quarter and year. At the same time, the masters must know what they will receive in the end: either training, subscription, etc.

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