Working in the beauty sphere means being extremely active and productive. Thus, it’s often pretty difficult to find the right master that will do his best in order to help the salon's development. How to understand which candidate is in front of you during the job interview? We’ve got all the answers, keep on reading!

Experts recommend not to improvise, but to draw up a plan in advance according to which the conversation will go. Any employer strives to achieve three goals in its course:

- evaluate the professional qualities of the candidate (knowledge, skills, experience);
- evaluate the personal qualities of the candidate (character, moral principles, interests);
- evaluate the potential of the candidate (life goals, desire to learn and grow professionally).

Evaluation of professional qualities:

- Tell us about yourself.
- How did your professional career develop?
- What was your previous job?
- What decisions did you have to make?

Evaluation of personal qualities:

- Name five of your strongest qualities and five of your weakest qualities.
- Name three good and three bad qualities that, in your opinion, characterize a typical team leader.
- What is the strongest incentive for you?

Potential evaluation:

- Why do you want to work in our company?
- How do you see your work in our company?

Remember that you’re not just looking for a specialist that will perform, for example, keratin hair straightening or botox hair treatment: you’re looking for a team member and a professional consultant for your clients!

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