Bad hair day, sounds familiar, isn’t it? Of course, all women faced it. Your hair looks just horrible and it seems that there’s nothing that can be done (except for hair wash) in order to fix the situation! However, in this article, we will introduce you top-5 useful tools that will help you even if your hair looks like a total mess. Keep on reading!

The Best Tools To Save You From Bad Hair Days

 1. Hair spray and toothbrush. Well, baby hairs can sometimes go absolutely mad and literally stick out almost everywhere. Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and brush baby hairs in order to make them look neat. This secret is beloved by lots of Hollywood stars, including the whole Kardashian family.

 2. Microfiber towel. Of course, you’re well familiar with hair frizz. Frizzy hair can actually ruin any hairstyle and become a disaster. Just replace your regular towel with microfiber one. Besides, don’t rub your hair after washing it, this way you won’t make it drier!

 3. Dry shampoo. Use it on days when your hair looks oily or not voluminous enough. It can give your hair the needed volume and absorb the excessive hair oil.

 4. Flat iron. That’s a nice tool that can manage almost each hair type. Choose a good branded device, playing attention to its material.

 5. Detangling hairbrush. Sometimes you wake up to horribly tangled hair for no reason. That’s ok, we all face this. A special hair comb will save both your hair from pulling out and your nerves from being ruined by all these nasty tangles.

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