African-American women since ancient times have been trying to make their hair look pretty neat. Indeed, such hair type is almost completely untamable, as each thin hair is very thick, and the curl is very defined. Thus, it’s awfully hard even to comb such hair, not mentioning styling. How can African-American hair be destructed in the name of neatness and nice look? Keep on reading!


Many African - American women often use a method which is called hair relaxation. It’s a chemical treatment that literally breaks down the hair structure and makes hair look kind of sleek and easily manageable. Kind of. Even relaxed hair is at some point textured. However, women use more and more aggressive chemicals in order to completely straighten their hair, which is horrible! The hair shouldn’t be relaxed beyond 80%, otherwise, say hello to protein loss and hair brittleness!

One more procedure that often damages African-American hair is texlaxing. Texlaxing is a kind of hair relaxation aimed not at hair sleekness but at nice hair texture and overall hair manageability. However, you will usually need several procedures in order to see the result. Several chemical treatments in a row do no good to any hair type, including even very tough black hair.

Remember that you don’t have to put the health of your hair on the altar of its absolute beauty, it just fussing worth it anyway.

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