A hairdryer is one of the main attributes of hair care. However, is it that easy to style and dry your hair with it? It turns out that this process has its own rules and peculiarities. Air temperature, air direction, choice of attachments - everything matters for beautiful and correct hair styling.
Remember that improper use of the hairdryer can lead to split ends and tangled hair. Let's review the top-5 mistakes when using a hairdryer, keep on reading!

Holding the hairdryer in one position

This mistake seems obvious. Pay attention to how you hold the hairdryer. Is it just in one position? For beautiful hair styling, the hairdryer should constantly change its position in relation to your hair: turn it around, change the angles of air flow. This is the only way to dry your hair evenly and quickly without damaging and overheating it.

Using the maximum temperature of the hairdryer

This is one of the most common mistakes. The use of high temperature leads to overdrying of the hair, and as a result, making it brittle. Hot air can only be used when a complex hairstyle is being done or if you dry curly hair. In all other cases, it is recommended to choose an average temperature.

Using unsuitable attachments

Metal attachments are designed for more precise styling. However, metal tends to heat up, which can damage the hair. It is better to use plastic or ceramic attachments every day, which can evenly warm up and untangle the strands.

Starting drying with the diffuser attachment

This is a big mistake. Wet hair is prone to brittleness and is easier to break. With intensive diffuser drying, the chance of damaging your hair increases. At the beginning of the process, it is recommended to use a regular attachment. At the end of the process, the hair can be dried with a diffuser.

Going outside as soon as the hair is dry

A drastic temperature drop adversely affects not only the quality of the hairstyle but also the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to go outside half an hour after the end of hair drying.

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