How often do women want to change their appearance? First of all, they make a change in their hairstyle or haircut. Even the winter season is no exception!

In 2020, we are offered a wide variety of hairstyles and haircuts. So let's take a closer look at the most trendy winter haircuts and hairstyles of 2020!

The most trendy winter haircuts in 2020 will be haircuts with medium and short hair lengths. Check out the most popular haircuts below.

Garson haircut

The shortest model of trendy winter haircuts 2020 will be a Garson haircut.  Translated from French, Garcon means a boy. Indeed, such a haircut is pretty boyish, however, for some women, it will be perfect. Choose Garson haircut if you have an oval face.

Haircut with curtain bangs.

For women who love bangs, hairstylists offer a new interpretation of it in the 2020 winter season. The trendiest model will be a curtain bangs. These bangs mean is a division of hair into two parts along the hair part. Don’t forget about proper hairstyling!

Elongated bob

A bob haircut will remain trendy for several seasons, only its length or shape will change. In winter 2020 choose the elongated bob for your trendy winter haircut.

An elongated bob means a haircut with hair strands by the face. These strands are several centimeters longer than your chin is. The back hair is short. It looks pretty stylish!

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