Proper hair care is necessary for any shade of hair, but still, blonde hair is considered to be the most demanding. It is very easy to ruin the beautiful blonde shade using the wrong care products. We will give you some tips so that you can enjoy your blonde healthy hair for a very long time.

It is important to realize the need for care.

Blond hair is thinner and more vulnerable to aggressive substances in various products; it suffers from the extreme heat and sun the most. Particular attention should be paid to dyed blonde hair, as it is prone to severe damage.

If you want to keep your blonde hair healthy and beautiful, try out our Nutree Blonde Bottox Expert. It’s a special procedure of professional restoration and hair straightening. It should be used with the anti - residue shampoo.

 Benefits of Blonde Bottox Expert:

 - Restores damaged hair of blondes;

 - Ensures deep hydration and nutrition of hair;

 - Removes the yellow shade, therefore providing the Anti-Yellow Effect;

 - Gives hair a beautiful platinum shade;

 - Makes hair smooth, obedient, strong and healthy for up to 2 months.

The main components of Blonde Bottox Expert are:

 Marine collagen;

 Glutamic acid;

 Almond oil.

All these ingredients are included in the composition because all of them work together in order to make your hair smooth, thick, obedient and shiny. Sounds like worth trying, doesn’t it?

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