We bet you already know about the Amazonliss system everything. However, there are women that wonder why all top hairstylists choose Amazonliss as their one and only keratin straightening product. Here are the 5 ultimate reasons for it:

  1. Origin. Amazonliss is a system of deep restoration and long-term hair straightening. The country of its production is Brazil. It’s very important because Brazil is originally the native country of keratin straightening.

  1. Unique components. The high strength of hair regeneration is achieved due to the effect of Hydrolyzed Keratin and the Antioxidant properties of natural extracts of Acai and Cocoa from the Amazon Valley in Brazil. Useful substances penetrate the hair cuticle, rebuild its structure, moisturize and restore damaged hair.

  1. Duration of the achieved effect. Amazonliss gives the hair absolute brightness and maximum straightening for up to 6 months. Do you know any other keratin procedures that have such duration of the effect?

  1. Universality

Amazonliss system is suitable for all hair types and colors.

  1. Economy.

Amazonliss products have minimum expense - up to 30 procedures from 1 liter! It ensures the high income of the master and low cost of buying Amazonliss for a beauty salon.

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