Keratin straightening is one of the most popular hair procedures today but still, it has so many myths around it. Blondes are especially worried about keratin treatment because blonde hair always requires special attention. Here are the 4 popular myths of keratin treatment for blonde hair. Let’s reveal them together!


  1. Keratin changes the beautiful blonde color to yellow brassy shade.

Not true! Keratin creates a thin film around each thin hair. It helps to preserve the hair color bright and vivid. Besides, keratin smoothes hair color, giving your hair light platinum shade.

  1. Keratin makes the thin blonde hair even thinner and weaker

That’s false. Keratin provides deep hydration and nutrition to your hair. It gives your hair ultimate shine and makes the hair absolutely straight for long. There is a nice bonus: a thermal hair protection. Styling won’t harm your hair anymore!

  1. Keratin makes blonde hair heavy

What a myth! Keratin makes blonde hair manageable and straight. It keeps the natural volume near hair roots, so your hair doesn’t look or feel heavy.

  1. Keratin washes off blonde hair very quickly

Not our Amazonliss keratin! It deeply penetrates into your hair. The obtained effect lasts up to 6 months. What a dream!

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