Bright and vivid hair color is not a dream but a reality. However, sometimes color washes off and fades very fast which is pretty disappointing. How can you protect your hair from color fading? Here are the top 5 tips.

Great Tips To Keep Your Hair From Fading

  1. Use shampoo less often
In order to hair dye molecules to be less washed off, you just need to wash your hair less often. The aim of it is to preserve the natural fatty film, so use shampoo no more than 2-3 times a week and in no case more often than once every two days.
  1. Apply conditioner every time after using shampoo

 After each use of the shampoo, use conditioner for dyed hair. It will make your hair shine and even the hair color. Even if the hair is thin, be sure to apply conditioner to the hair ends - this part of the hair is the most vulnerable to damage.

  1. Do not use products that contain sulfates

 Sulfates wash off hair dye pretty fast, so get yourself a sulfate-free shampoo. It doesn’t contain salts that dehydrate hair. Did you know that moisture loss is one of the main reasons for color fading?

  1. Apply leave-in color protection products

 The use of leave-in products will make the hair combing easier and protect your hair against the harmful effects of heat devices, weather and other negative factors that we face every day. Get yourself a special leave-in conditioner for dyed hair.

  1. Try out Nutree Purple Toning Mask

This is especially important for blondes.  Their hair color not just easily washes off but acquires a nasty yellow shade that doesn’t look nice. It’s a special mask for preserving luxurious pure blonde color with platinum effect. The formula with almond oil, marine collagen, and glutamic acids deeply hydrates hair, giving it amazing shine.

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