Holidays. What a magical word for all of us. We imagine hot beaches with soft sand and a bright blue sea. However, our hair often feels not so enthusiastic about all this stuff. How to help your hair to recover after the holidays? We have a few tips. Keep on reading!

The hair revival must be comprehensive. For daily hair care, use sulfate-free shampoos - they gently cleanse hair and have an organic composition. Besides, do not forget to use the conditioner. Choose the conditioner of the same brand as the shampoo, as these products should work in combination. Conditioner restores hair, nourishes it and reduces hair brittleness.

For dry hair, you need to use nourishing masks at least once a week. For a greater effect, apply a night mask or hair emulsion - the hair will recover while you sleep. There is a huge amount of oil-based products. Some can be applied to the hair 15-20 minutes before shampooing, others - after drying the hair with a hairdryer. At the same time, use thermal protection before using curlers, hair dryers or hot stylers. Besides, oils are good for your hair, but they can provide negative effects for dyed hair, as they can wash off the hair dye.

After the holidays, we don’t actually want to perform any multi-stage procedures. We recommend you trying Amazonliss One Step Keratin Treatment. It’s a super innovative formula that allows you to spend only 1 hour for the whole procedure! Besides, One Step Keratin contains no poisonous fumes or formaldehyde. Try it out!

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