Curly hair brings its owners a lot of trouble. It is often tangled, can be hardly combed. Besides, it’s difficult to style, and despite regular hair care can have a nasty appearance. The situation is worsened in winter when we are forced to wear hats and spend most of our time in rooms with dry air. Low humidity along with cold wind and frost can significantly worsen the condition of the hair in just a few weeks. In this article, we will give you top-8 tips on how to care about your frizzy hair in winter! Keep on reading!

How to keep curly hair healthy

Curly hair needs proper and regular care all year round, in winter it needs intensive hydration. Otherwise, you may face the problem of split ends. All owners of rebellious curly hair have to remember a few rules of winter hair care:

  • at low temperatures wear hats and caps;
  • use a shampoo created especially for curly hair;
  • use a hairdryer and styler as seldom as possible;
  • use a hair balm and moisturizing conditioner;
  • make nourishing hair masks;
  • take vitamins and proteins that improve the hair condition;
  • use products that remove static electricity from the hair;
  • carefully comb your hair to increase blood circulation in the scalp.

Keep your curly hair strong with Nutree Amazonliss

In winter your hair needs special care for complete restoration and mirror shine. If you still doubt, choose Nutree Amazonliss treatment. It’s a keratin straightening procedure providing perfect hair straightening and brightness for up to 4 months! It means that your hair will look beautiful not just in winter but at the beginning of spring as well. What a great gift for your hair!

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