Nowadays making your hair salon brand as well as any other brand is simply impossible without having a few accounts on social media. Accounts on such media will help you build your community as well as show your skills both to your potential and existing clients. In this article, we will give you some nice competition ideas on how to promote your salon. Keep on reading!

Remember that you can reach out to a bigger audience via social media and through word of mouth, for example. In today’s world, people prefer finding all stuff on social media instead of asking friends and relatives. However, the older generation tends to trust word of mouth more than social media. Work in both directions! Instagram allows you to be super creative! You can not only have the unique concept of your account but communicate with your clients and experts from any point in the world! Isn’t it great?

Now let’s move on to competitions. It’s one of the best ways to promote your account and attract new clients! Prepare a great prize for your winner and target your competition towards people who would be interested in it. Competitions make the participants engage their friends and relatives, thus, more people become aware of your salon! Besides, make visiting your salon attractive enough even for people who didn’t win. Offer them nice small freebies, for example. It all depends on your fantasy!

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